Dr. Shirley Bio

        Dr. Shirley Hudson, Ph.D., a down-to-earth psychotherapist and activist. She raised 12 children then went back to finish her degree. WomanSheriffShirleyShe wanted to give back to the community and is. She can be a calming influence when need be, but can be intense too. She describes herself as “intensely-mellow” and oxymoron, but on target for her. When she is on duty, being Granma to her kiddies and grand kiddies, helping her colleagues out, she is INTESE, there for all, runs sometimes 24 hour days.  BUT, when she goes off duty, the phone gets turned off, she goes into ‘hiding’ and chills. She likes her mellow time too! Her attitude is her home should be like a battery charger, mellow and supportive so she can run full-on when needed.

        She leads Domestic Violence Batterer’s and Anger Management classes, for men and for women at her office in Beverly Hills, teaches Sociology at a prestigious Downtown Los Angeles University, and does Volunteer Foot Patrol on Sunset Blvd for the Sheriff Department. She likes to travel, finds Paris is her ‘retirement place’. Her husband was in the military, and prolly each of the kids was born in a different country, or at least state! She is a fixer but reminds she can’t do the impossible, that she is ‘mortal’ and can help you become a better person, a better actor, a better cop, but can’t ‘make’ you one!
        Dr. Shirley works with entertainers, celebrities, gang bangers, street people, and the terminally-ill.  She can be sensitive and soft-hearted as the next person, but has clear boundaries AND respects others boundaries too. She enjoys life and reminds every one “Don’t be so busy MAKING a living, that you forget to make a LIFE.”

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